General knowledge of television sets
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1. Fixed hanger: fixed the TV set on the mounting surface without any Angle adjustment.
2. Upper and lower adjustment hanger: use this wall hanger to make a certain range of adjustment to the TV's tilt Angle.
3. Rotating multi-function bracket: this wall hanging frame has one or more rotating joints, which can rotate and adjust the TV set in many angles.
Because this kind of hanging frame with the adjustment of the pitch Angle of scaling, can watch the television, the multiple perspectives will help ease the cervical vertebra and fatigue strength, conforms to the modern human advocate healthy life concept of freedom, and therefore is currently on the market of the more popular a kind of TV mounts.
4. Landing brackets: this kind of hanger is a little bit easy to move, a TV can be used in multiple rooms, and it doesn't need to punch holes in the wall.
Since such hangers need not perforate, they are used for office, exhibition, hotel lobby and other meeting places, and now more and more people are installing landing brackets at home.
Ii. The rotary and installation elements of the TV set -5 elements make you easy to install:
1. The VESA hole
VESA is short for the Video Electronics Standards Association, which refers to the Video electronic Standards Association, an international non-profit company headquartered in the United States.
Most of the TV back after 4 VESA standard mounting holes, used to connect to the TV bracket, before installing can measure the first pitch, and then choose to suit the corresponding pitch range of the rack.
2. Bearing range
Each TV hanger is marked with maximum load bearing, so long as the weight of the TV set (excluding the base) can be used within the weight of the load.
3. Back of TV
Now on the market most of the TV are flat and on the back of the rack is suitable for installation, but there are a few TV will be raised up on the back or the design of the interface position will is blocked by the rack, this kind of TV is not suitable for the rack installation.
4. Metope requirements
Cement, concrete, solid brick, plank or the equivalent of the strength of the wall can be hung TV.
Thin but like marble, plasterboard, hollow brick, wood, glass and other special installation surface, can't install the TV directly, can choose to install face embedded mode, or the mobile scaffold products.
5. Height requirements
The center of the flat-screen TV screen should be in the range of 1m to 2m.
Advantages of using TV stands:
1. Fully save your home space, and do not occupy the space of the TV cabinet.
The TV set is on the wall, and the child will not be afraid to hit the TV, and it will also facilitate cleaning.
3. The new type of hanger function is more, can rotate, adjust the Angle, adjust the viewing distance, which can help to alleviate the body fatigue and visual fatigue.


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