* double column audio visual mobile cart.
* maximum lift height 1530mm (60.2), suitable for TV size 32 "to 65"".
* universal regulating wheel is convenient to move with brake function.
* perfect built-in line device.
* maximum load bearing 100Lbs (45.5kgs), pallet load 10Lbs (4.5kg).
* standard and adjustable height audio and video tray components and video camera components.
* standard design, quick disassembly, easy storage or transportation.
* simple and convenient installation program.
* Limited places the maximum space savings.
* ingenious product and packaging design that greatly saves space and transportation costs.
■ 32 "-65" - suitable for flat panel TV
■ weight: 100Lbs (45.5kg)
■ VESA hole: 100*100200*200mm, 400*200mm, 400*400mm, 400*600mm
■ adjustable height: 1030mm (40.5) ~ 1530mm (60.2 ").
■ material: high quality cold rolled steel
■ Color: Black


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